WEIS | France

I am a self-taught artist, from the Paris region.
As a child, I was attracted by the industrial wastelands and railways that abound around Paris.

It is in these environments, often abandoned but nevertheless very conducive to creativity, that I discovered graffiti. It is a universe that very quickly fascinated me and into which I plunged. I spent my teenage years painting days and nights, taking advantage of every moment to practice, develop my style, my way of drawing the letters of my pseudonym.

Then I developed my taste for photography, which was at first only a way of keeping a trace of my paintings and spreading them to those around me.

Recently I found myself faced with the limits of this practice, the impossibility of bringing my work on the wall back home other than in the form of a photo, which pushed me to redirect myself towards much more mobile supports such as canvas, plexiglass or glass.

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