Bringing Amazing Street Art
To Your Walls

How many times have you set on your Sofa,
staring at your walls and wished for something exciting?

We used to do it a lot. But we couldn’t find the mind-blowing, larger-than-life art we wanted to put on our wall. So we had to come up with our own. It had to be BIG (scalable even better), spectacular and easy to handle.

We experimented with dozens of different materials; we tried hundreds of ways to put it together, move it around and install it (DIY was our first choice).  After thousands of trials, we managed to achieve all that and more.

And yet it wasn’t enough, we needed the content to be amazing too, so we recruited leading street artists from around the world who licensed us their unique street art creations to use on our panels.

Now For the first time they are available for you to buy and enjoy in your space!

See the art