Get an amazing art piece in less than an hour :

You can easily do it yourself or get get any handyman to help.

• Take out the panels from the box.
• Spread the glue on the back and attach.
• Keep on going according to the Arrangement Sheet. It will guide you through the flow.

Check out this short step-by-step video below

Detailed instructions

For cleaning glue residue during installation use only non-abrasive damp soft cloth


UnBox you StreeTiles


See the Tile Arrangement Sheet for instructions on how to order your piece. Arrange the tiles on your floor prior to proceeding to the final application.


Measure & mark the location of one of the center tiles (use a leveler)


Spread a thin layer if wood glue across the entire backside of the tile (incl. edges & corners) Avoid lumps!


Attach the tile to the wall / wood surface and then repeat step 4 to attach each tile.


During and after installation, use a non-abrasive moist cloth to clean any glue residue

We recommend applying StreeTiles on a piece of plywood 2-3 cm (about 1 inch) smaller than the size of the entire piece (like shown below). Make sure the plywood is prepared for wall hanging before attaching the panels on it

Alternatively, tiles can be attached directly to a flat wall.
Measure carefully and align using a level before placing the panels

Once panels are applied they cannot be removed without damaging the panel
So measure twice and apply once

For cleaning use only non-abrasive soft cloth (if needed damp)