How to install

We recommend applying StreeTiles on a piece of plywood 2-3 cm (about 1 inch) smaller than the size of the entire piece (like shown below). Make sure the plywood is prepared for wall hanging before attaching the panels on it

For cleaning glue residue during installation use only non-abrasive damp soft cloth


Set tiles arrangement
on your floor first
then proceed to the
final application.


Apply a thin layer of Elmer’s wood glue –
across the entire back side of the tile – Avoid lumps!

Then place the tile in its final position.


After placement, hold the tile firmly in place.
press on the surface to ensure adhesion for
about a minute (make sure the tile does not move/ slide)


Apply the other tiles by the sequence described in the Artwork Arrangement Sheet (a print which describes the order of panel assembly – attached to each order)

Alternatively, tiles can be attached directly to a flat wall.
Measure carefully and align using a level before placing the panels

Once panels are applied they cannot be removed without damaging the panel
So measure twice and apply once

For cleaning use only non-abrasive soft cloth (if needed damp)