SABOTAJE AL MONTAJE | Matías Mata | Gran Canaria (Spain)

Sabotaje Al Montaje, Matías Mata was born on the island of Lanzarote in 1973, His first projects were developed through social participation and urban art, performing various interventions in public spaces such as the Añaza and Now Barris neighborhoods (Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Barcelona, respectively).

His commitment to large format in mural graffiti during the following years of work, led him to obtain a second prize in the 1st international contest of urban arts Artap festival Paris & Berlin in 2010. His work goes from the private sphere to public entities, including museums such as CAAM (Center for Contemporary Art of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria).

Invited to renowned national and international festivals, where his signature Sabotaje Al Montaje reaches various cities in Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Vitoria, Lleida, Valencia, Asturias, Seville, Malaga, Toledo, etc.) and internationally to countries such as Senegal, Argentina, Jordan, Norway, Italy, England, France, Colombia and USA.

His work has been based on giving visibility to social and environmental problems, through a daily and current representation; Its most transgressive aspect, figurative or abstract art, is a fusion of design and abstraction where he narrates sequences of his life and of what surrounds him and where color is the protagonist, a constant in all his works.

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