MY FOREST BRIDGE | Andrii Kovtun & Victoria Lime | Ukraine

myForestBridge is a connection between urban life and nature. 
Andrii Kovtun was born in 1987 in Kyiv, started pursuing street art & graffiti as a teenager.
Victoria Lime was born in 1994 in Kyiv, and from childhood, she painted pictures with various characters and landscapes. Very quickly switched to painting on the walls.

We have been creating our work since 2015 but have already managed to work with such companies as UEFA, Euro Vision, Coca-Cola, Morshynska, Ukrainian Post, Kyiv Airport, Ukrainian Aviation Museum and many others.

myForestBridge is one of the most outstanding teams of Ukrainian street artists working today.
MFB large-scale wall work includes a meticulous, visual collage of realistic images mixed with polygon art elements and emphasized calligraphic fonts, which is our unique personal style, and all this is done with spray paint and brushes on a colossal scale.


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