MR. TRAZO | Mario Rodríguez | Spain


The choice of his stage name, mr. Trazo, inherited from his time as a graffiti artist, it is the pseudonym to protect himself, Mario Rodríguez. Most of his artistic endeavors are carried out in the public space, following an imaginary that is based on his studio work, but always with different objectives and concepts, so he is a muralist and graphic artist, interchangeably. In his work, he establishes dialogues under localized and concrete contexts and events, while manipulating certain academic theories on the canons of beauty to break apart from them, and in order to create his own formal rules that connect with his thoughts.

From the first moments of its existence and until the middle of the nineties, it germinates in the purest bucolic and pastoral environment with its family. Before any possible influence that stimulated him to paint on walls, he already peeled them off with his fingernails or used any object smeared with some sticky substance to paint them. Thus, in a natural setting with limited means, valued aspects of the every day, of insignificant appearance, that usually we tend to ignore, teaching himself to be creative, experimenting, and learning that anything can be created and also invented.
He wrote his first tags and graffiti, during adolescence, as a solution to anonymity, escaping from being one among the social mass, evolving to discovering "the street" as a highly effective artistic canvas, which later exploited in a more intellectual way, ceasing in his production of non-conceptual, vandalistic and rebellious graffiti.

In 2005 he established his artistic residence in Cuenca, a city endowed with beautiful natural landscapes and "emblematic spaces of Art". Here he has continued and completed his academic training and has worked as a graphic designer, it is also where he has founded MURALÍSSIMO, a creative mural painting company, awarded several times. Even though most of his production is developed locally, his work also enjoys international prestige, having been exhibited in galleries and in the public space of cities such as Lisbon, London, Wiesbaden, Miami and Mexico City.
Among other activities, and in parallel to his artistic production, he works as a  cultural manager of artistic projects in the public space; He is the director of the Cultural Association: Revive –Recovery of Space– and promoter of events such as Fehs al Bolut “Rural Graffiti”, Colors Street and Zarajos Deluxe International meeting of muralists and urban artists.


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