DOES HDV | Brasil

Resident of the city of Santo André, where he began his art in 1988, using the technique of stencil-art. Today his work can be characterized as wild style and it stands out for the very high degree of complexity and illegibility of writing, caused by the shuffling of the letters common to the style of which the artist is part of.

Does brings together a lot of symmetry and varied influences such as indigenous elements, Gothic architecture, Arabic calligraphy used in his writings and tribal forms, which are merged to present this labyrinthine composition of his works.
He has worked in other 20 countries where he has painted murals and held exhibitions, workshops, and lectures, including Denmark, South Korea, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Croatia, Austria, France, Germany, United States, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador, Belgium, Slovenia and the Czech Republic.

his work is featured in the collections of Brazilian embassies in Seoul and Lima, as well as published in articles in books and magazines abroad.


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