A1ONE | Karan Reshad | Iran / Germany

A1ONE is an Iranian street artist, known for his distinctive murals painted on the walls around the city of Tehran, A1one was the first one who started painting and tagging the city walls of the Iranian capital. In his work, A1ONE integrates Persian calligraphy with Western styles of urban graffiti, creating a unique aesthetic. Mainly, A1one has been working on a distinctly Iranian style of calligraffiti, which is "a fusion of hip-hop graffiti and Persian typography.

Born Karan Rashad in 1981 in Iran, in fact, he was the first to ever tag the walls in the entire Middle-East. Originally nicknamed Alone, he gradually adopted the moniker A1ONE for which he is now known. He has been arrested several times by the Iranian police, and even kidnapped by the Intelligence Organization of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (Iran), and has spent time in jail for his illegal murals. A1ONE has exhibited his work at galleries throughout Iran and the world. Since June 2012 A1one resides in Germany.

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